African Union Diaspora Committee Deutschland

Zentralrat der Afrikanischen Diaspora Deutschland mit Mandat der Afrikanischen Union

AU Diaspora Kommittee MEMBERS

Senior Commissioner Tumenta F. Kennedy (accepted)

Vice Senior Commissioner Dipl.Wirt. Ing. Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi  (accepted)


§  Commissioner for Political Cooperation– Tumenta F. Kennedy (accepted)


§  Commissioner for Media and Diaspora –Dipl.Wirt. Ing. Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi  (accepted), Dr. David Alobo- print media (acceptance pending), André Degbeon –TV (acceptance pending)


§  Commissioner for Historical Commonalities– Paulette Reed-Anderson (accepted)


§  Commissioner for Socio-Cultural and Religious Commonalities- Kalondji Aime Cyrille Isaaco David (acceptance pending)


§  Commissioner for Socio-Economic Cooperation – Dr. Dela Apedjinou (acceptance pending)


§  Commissioner for Women, Youth and Vulnerable Groups –Stefania A.A. Alofuokhai-Ghogomu (acceptance pending)


§  Commissioner for Knowledge Sharing, Science and Technology– Dr. Charles Yankah (accepted),  Dr. David Alobo (acceptance pending)


§  Commissioner for Arts Culture and Sport  –Vacant–

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